Civil Grand Jury

  1. Civil Grand Jury Press Releases

DHHS - Behavioral Health Patient's Rights Advocacy Services

  1. CA Dept. of Health Care Services - Patients' Rights Handbooks

  2. DHHS Crisis Support Services (PDF)

DHHS - California Children's Services

  1. Family Handbook (PDF)

  2. Manual Para Familias (PDF)

DHHS - Consumer Protection Program

  1. California Retail Food Code (PDF)

  2. Documents and Forms

DHHS - County Medical Services Program

  1. CMSP Frequently Asked Questions

  2. CMSP Website

DHHS - DEH Body Art

  1. Body Art Program Documents

DHHS - Foster Parent Resources

  1. JV-290 Information Sheet

  2. JV-290 Form

DHHS - Housing Trust Fund and Homelessness Solutions Committee

  1. Meeting Minutes and Agendas

DHHS - Public Health - SafeCare

  1. SafeCare Referral Form (PDF)

District Attorney - Local Law Enforcement Agencies and Crime Maps

  1. Local Law Enforcement and Crime Maps

Higher Education in Humboldt County

  1. College of the Redwoods

  2. Humboldt State University

Highway Information for Humboldt County

  1. Highway 101

  2. Highway 199

  3. Highway 20

  4. Highway 299

  5. Highway 36

Library - Rio Dell Branch

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Library - Telephone & Postal Directories

  1. Area Codes

    Find the telephone area code associated with a place in the USA.

  2. Get the 800 Number

    Find 800 numbers for businesses and services.

  3. World Phone Codes and Calls

    How to make a telephone call to another country.

  4. World Address Formats

    See the correct way to address mail to another country.

  5. True People Search

    Look for another person by name (and location if you have it).

  6. Zip Code Directory

    Find the U.S. Zip Code that goes with an address or location.

Parks - National Parks

  1. Redwood National Park

Planning & Building - Public Works Land Use - Notices

  1. Notice of Temporary Accommodation

Public Defender - Clean and Sober Housing

  1. Clean and Sober Housing

Public Defender - Programs and Services

  1. Humboldt Family Service Center

Public Works - Engineering

  1. Public Works Notices

  2. Public Works Notices

Public Works - Fire Safe Council

  1. FLASH Program

Public Works - Natural Resources

  1. Public Works Notices

  2. Public Works Notices

Public Works - Notices

  1. Notice of Temporary Accommodation

Public Works - Roads

  1. Public Works Notices

Radio & Television Stations in Humboldt County

  1. Radio Locator

  2. Radio Station World

Social Media - Agricultural Commissioner's Office

  1. Facebook - Agricultural Commissioner's Office

Social Media - Aviation

  1. Facebook - Fly ACV

Social Media - Office of Elections

  1. Facebook - Humboldt County Office of Elections