Public Health Laboratory

The Humboldt County Public Health Laboratory provides laboratory testing services and support for community health providers to aid in the diagnosis and control of communicable diseases and promote a healthy environment. The laboratory also plays a key role in emergency preparedness by providing testing services, training, and support for area laboratories.

Services Offered
  • Bacteriological water analysis
  • Clinical microbiology
  • Blood lead testing
  • Influenza testing
  • Consultation and training for laboratorians, physicians, and nurses
  • Tick testing (testing for Lyme disease-causing bacterium)
  • Non-diagnostic General Health Assessment (NGHA) certification

Sign Up
Ticks to be tested for the causative agent of Lyme disease may be brought to the laboratory or sent via courier. Please include a laboratory requisition and payment.

Water specimens for bacteriological analysis may be brought to the laboratory Monday through Thursday during normal business hours.

All testing of clinical specimens require an order from a physician.