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  1. Humboldt files suit against big pharma over opioid crisis

    In the face of the worst man-made epidemic in modern medical history, known as the opioid crisis, the County of Humboldt this week filed a federal lawsuit against the country's largest manufacturers and primary distributors of prescription opioids.

  2. Study: Humboldt Bay at highest risk of sea level rise on U.S. west coast

    The county has completed a sea level rise vulnerability assessment indicating three communities are at risk of being inundated by sea level rise. Nearly 400 residential parcels are vulnerable in King Salmon, Fields Landing, and Fairhaven.

  3. Cyanobacteria warnings issued for local rivers, lakes

    Local Public and Environmental Health officials are warning recreational users of all bodies of fresh water to avoid contact with cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae).