Library eBooks, eAudiobooks, & Digital Magazines

As a service to our patrons, the Humboldt County Library provides several options for eBooks, eAudiobooks, magazines and articles for online reading and downloads. 

Most of these titles do not appear in the Humboldt County Library Catalog.  Instead, you will find them by using the links below.

There are helpful instructions at each link, but if you have further questions you may ask a librarian at the reference desk any time the library is open.

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The library logo - framed by a book, a mighty redwood stands by water and hills.

Overdrive eBooks

The Library subscribes to Overdrive to offer our largest collection of fiction and non-fiction eBooks, eAudiobooks for adults and children.

Kids' eBook Reading Room

This special area of Overdrive is just for children.

Articles and Databases

The library subscribes to these useful information sources so that you can use them for free.

These include:

Chilton's Automotive Database
California City & County Profiles
California Fact Cards
Driver's Ed (practice for California tests)
Explora (articles, news videos, documents)
MasterFile (magazines, encyclopedias, etc.)
MedlinePlus (reliable medical information)
Zinio (eMagazines to download)

                      ...and more.

Read EBSCOHost eBooks Online 

The EBSCOHost eBooks are a collection of useful non-fiction books that you can find in the library catalog or by using the heading above as a link, and read online. Use the menu at upper left to learn more about how this eBook collection works.

Download Entire Magazines from Zinio

Image, sample covers of the magazines  Inked, Atlantic, National Geographic, Cooks, Allure, Preventi
Digital Magazines from Zinio

Some of the same magazines that you love in paper format are now available for your computer or favorite mobile device, page for page.  The library subscribes to these so that you can read them online, or download them to read off-line.  Keep the magazines on your device as long as you want!  Plus, you have the option to get automatic emails when a new issue of a magazine you like is available.

Public Domain eBooks and eAudiobooks

On the left menu near the top of the page are links to sources of eBooks and eAudiobooks that are on the internet in the public domain and free to all.  Many classic works and old forgotten favorites are restored to us with these collections, and well worth reading, but you'll also find sources of newer books offered by publishers for free, usually for limited periods.
Kindle Users:

Most of the Overdrive books will work on your Kindle, but some other sources of eBooks may not.

If you are tech-savvy and want to read books in other formats on your Kindle, there is a free open-source app, Calibre, that works to reformat eBooks to a format that you can read on your Kindle, or almost any other device.


  The Humboldt County Library and its employees are not responsible for what you choose to visit or download via the internet.  Library and library website users are responsible for their own use of the internet and are expected to act with due caution and use critical thinking when making decisions about using the internet.