Blue Lake Library

Small but Mighty, the Blue Lake Library Brings You Books, Videos & More from the Humboldt County Library System.

Blue Lake Branch

Wireless Internet

Free high-speed wireless internet access is available at the Blue Lake Branch Library. Blue Lake Library's parking area is a community wireless hotspot from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day. No password is necessary to use this free public internet service.

Heron photo, Creative Commons, some rights reserved by Mike Loukides

The Humboldt Library Foundation

The public library is a gateway to explore the world, spark the imagination, launch young minds or just answer a question. You can help ensure our library will continue to inspire and meet the needs of the future by supporting the Humboldt Library Foundation.  Visit the Humboldt Library Foundation website to see upcoming Foundation events, news, and how you can contribute to make our library and our community a better place to live.

Friends of the Blue Lake Library

P.O. Box 236
Blue Lake, CA 95525

Through the work of the Friends, the library is able to add more books and materials to its collections and offer programs to enhance library services. 

You can participate in volunteer activities, or simply support the Library by joining. 

Blue Lake Downtown 1910 mural. Detail from a photo by TechSoup for Libraries, shared on Creative Commons.

Blue Lake Downtown 1910. 'The magical entrance to Blue Lake' photo by TechSoup for Libraries