Humboldt  County  Public  Library

Image, a green hill & rocky coast, cloudy skies, and redwoods, joined by an open book.

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My daughter’s new library card gives her “a sense of pride and empowerment… a symbol of independence and maturity. …She even asked at dinner last night, "the next time we go to the library can I just go in and you guys wait in the car? I have my own card now." …(Hopefully, she'll remember to crack a window.) – Tom B.

A child dressed as a super hero lifts a library card toward the sun.

Libraries are for Everyone

Welcome to the Library

A vital community resource, the Library provides service to all county residents and visitors through the Main Library in Eureka, ten Branch Libraries, and a Bookmobile.  Everyone is welcome to visit and use the Humboldt County Library.

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The monthly calendar, represented by a box of 28 tiny photo squares.

Library Cards

With your card, you can take books, music, films and magazines home, and download free library eBooks and eAudio. Your card is good at all branches of the Humboldt County Public Library System.  Here's what you need to bring to get a card.