Public Computers & Internet

Use Our Computers -- or Yours

A visit to the library provides you with great internet access, both when using your own wireless device and when using one of our free public-access workstations.  

The Main Library and some branches offer added computers for off-line uses such as word processing and spreadsheets.

A row of public computer stations in use.


Many people learn to use computers and internet at the library. Take a free class or just learn by exploration.

Beginning computer classes are regularly available at Eureka Library. Staff may help with coaching or research assistance, as time permits, at any library.  

Visit our Search the Internet page to learn internet skills on your own. You will find some good tutorials for beginners, plus tips and tricks for advanced users.

Check the library catalog for books that cover specific software you are learning to use. Search by the name of the software. 

Costs for Printing and Scanning

  • Use of library computers or wireless internet is free. 
  • Black and white prints are 10 cents a page.  
  • Color prints are available at the Main Library and cost 50 cents a page.  
  • Scanning is available at Main Library copy machines for 10 cents (whether your scan is one page or many pages). Bring a flash drive if you want to save your scanned documents.

Need to Fax?  

Many online services offer free faxing if you only need to fax a few pages.  Check your app store too!

Added Options

Large Type Keyboards

Large-type, easy to see keyboards are available on request at the Main Library and at most branches.  Please ask staff for assistance.


Most library computers have headphones for your use. To hear audio from your own device in the library, please use your own headphones. If you have forgotten them, check with the staff - we may have extra headphones available!

Mouse Options

At the Main Library, you can ask to use a ’lefty mouse’ or a big-ball mouse, if one of these would work better for you.

Word Processing Stations

Perhaps you are writing a report, creating a flyer, or working on your resume. Maybe you need to use a spreadsheet or other library software. For these tasks, you may need more time than you can get on an Internet station.  

Word processing stations, available at Eureka Main Library and some branch libraries, allow you more time and feature a range of useful software.

Our word processing stations do not connect to the Internet, but if you bring a flash drive to save your work, you can move to an internet station to upload or email documents.  

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