McKinleyville Town Center Master Plan

McKinleyville Town Center

Section 2350 "Town Center" of the McKinleyville Community Plan calls for the creation of a unique identity for McKinleyville through the development of a viable town center that serves as a community focal point and contains a mixture of land uses with a center for social/community interaction that encourages bicycle and pedestrian travel and allows for convenient and safe automobile access.

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Page updated August 16, 2023

GHD completed a Wetland Delineation to map out 1-parameter and 3-parameter wetlands within the McKinleyville Town Center Planning Area. The results of their study have been provided for review, and will be considered at the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee meeting on August 23, 2023.

Revised Draft McKinleyville Community Plan Available for Public Review

Planning and Building Staff have recently completed a proposed revision to the McKinleyville Community Plan, allowing wetland standards for the Town Center to be adjusted by ordinance: Excerpts from the McKinleyville Community Plan July 21, 2023

Revised Draft Zoning Regulations Available for Public Review

Planning and Building Staff have recently completed a revised draft of the Draft McKinleyville Town Center Zone: Draft McKinleyville Town Center Q-Zone 9-27-23

Previous Drafts

June 2022 Draft Zoning Regulations

March 2022 Draft Zoning Regulations

If you would like to submit comments regarding the Discussion Draft McKinleyville Town Center Zone, please email comments to Jacob Dunn.  Community members are encouraged to share your comments with the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (MMAC). Mail comments to MMAC via the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, Clerk of the Board, 825 Fifth Street, Suite 111, Eureka, CA or email comments to  

Town Center Survey is Complete!

The McKinleyville Town Center survey was closed and the responses have been compiled. Please view the complete survey responses at the following links:  

Follow this link to view the 1997 McKinleyville Community Plan Community Preference Survey Results (McKinleyville Community Plan Appendix F) which contains a summary of responses to the questionnaire, and the results of the Local Government Commission’s Planning a More Livable McKinleyville workshop.

Public Meetings

Next Meeting

  • August 23, 2023 MMAC Meeting
    Agenda will be posted on the MMAC webpage.

Prior Meetings

  1. Design Studies
Aerial image showing the McKinleyville Town Center area