McKinleyville Town Center Master Plan

McKinleyville Town Center

Section 2350 "Town Center" of the McKinleyville Community Plan calls for the creation of a unique identity for McKinleyville through the development of a viable town center that serves as a community focal point and contains a mixture of land uses with a center for social/community interaction that encourages bicycle and pedestrian travel and allows for convenient and safe automobile access.

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Town Center Survey is complete!

The McKinleyville Town Center survey was closed to responses on March 18th and the responses have been compiled.  Please view the complete survey responses at the following links:  

Follow this link to view the 1997 McKinleyville Community Plan Community Preference Survey Results (McKinleyville Community Plan Appendix F) which contains a summary of responses to the questionnaire, and the results of the Local Government Commission’s Planning a More Livable McKinleyville workshop.

Town Center Initial Design Studies

The following links are to Draft Design Studies prepared by County’s consultant K. Boodjeh Architects showing the layout of land uses within the undeveloped properties along Hiller Road. These designs are intended to support the continued conversations among the community the MMAC and the property owners regarding planning Town Center.  The designs provide pedestrian connections with consistent landmark features from McKinleyville Avenue through the natural resource areas and the Safeway Shopping Center and across Central Avenue to Pierson Park and north and south connecting the mid-town trail through an open natural area.  Wetlands are protected or replaced on site and the combination of wetlands and natural areas are intended to achieve a ratio of 2:1. Details show Hiller Road near Central Avenue as a traditional main street with street-level shops and upper floor residences and how new residences and mixed uses are intended to transition from the core area to the surrounding neighborhoods. More details are to come following further deliberations.

Public Meetings

Background Information

Aerial image showing the McKinleyville Town Center area