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Web GIS 2.0 Data Layers

This is a general list of the most used data layers.  Additional data layers are available that are not listed.

  • Critical Facilities, Roads and Streams
    • Public Land Survey
  • Jurisdiction Boundaries and Land Use
    • Planning Layers
      • Zoning
      • General Plan
      • Draft General Plan Update
    • Jurisdiction Boundaries
      • Fire Districts
      • Supervisorial Districts
      • Election Precincts
    • Housing Inventory
    • Historic Layers
  • Parcels
  • Hazards
    • Flood Zones
    • Slope and Topography
    • Fire Planning
    • Airport Compatibility Zones
  • Coastal Zone
    • Jurisdiction
    • Categorical Exclusion
  • Natural Resources
    • Streamside Management Area
    • Agricultural Soils
    • MS4 Permit Area
  • Demographics, Economics, and Mobility
    • Economic Development
    • Rural Transportation and Access Partnership (RTAP)
  • Topographic Layers
  • NAIP Aerial Imagery
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