McKinleyville Library

A photo of the McKinleyville Branch Library entrance.

Library Update - Welcome to Express Service!

Wear your mask and come in! As a step toward full reopening, McKinelyville Library now welcomes you for Express Service (short in-library visits). Please read about what Express Service is and how it works before your visit, and see our  Express Service Hours in the Contact Us section of this page. Of course, Curbside Delivery is still an option if you prefer it.

Library Doors are Open!

McKinleyville Library's doors are open, and we welcome you for express service.
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Friends of the McKinleyville Library
1606 Pickett Road
McKinleyville, CA 95519

Through the work of the Friends, the library is able to add more books and materials to its collections and offer programs to enhance library services.

You can participate in volunteer activities, or simply support the Library by joining.

The Humboldt Library Foundation

The public library is the gateway to explore the world, spark the imagination, launch young minds or simply answer a question.

You can help ensure our library will continue to inspire and meet the needs of the future by supporting the Humboldt Library Foundation.

Image, A row of colorful books.

The events below happen in normal times... for now, the library is not hosting in-person gatherings, so please look for events in our virtual events calendar above.

(Paused) Story Time! 2nd Saturday of Each Month

Image, a group of toddlers listening and looking
Gather at the library on the 2nd Saturday of the month to hear stories for young children.  

(Paused) Fourth Saturday of the Month, Fun Crafts 2:00 to 5:00 PM

Crafts for Young Children Using Simple Materials like paper, glue, buttons, paint.

(Paused) Fourth Wednesday, Crafts

Older children and adults can enjoy making either buttons, magnets, or 3D Pen creations on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Check the calendar for this month's details! 

Virtual Reality Headset

Big black goggles showing a jellyfish moving across the watcher's field.

(Paused) 2:00 - 5:00 PM, 1st & 3rd Sat. of each month, Virtual Reality 

Stop by to experience an adventure using virtual reality goggles.  

Where can you be, and what can you see?