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For Your Information

“For Your Information” is a new effort by the Humboldt County Public Works Department - Roads Division to bring you information regarding planned and on-going utility projects taking place in your neighborhoods.  Our intention is to help you know where, and by whom, such work will be conducted, so you can plan around it if you have to.  It is also intended to bring awareness for the safety of the people who will be working in these areas.  As much information as possible will be provided, including, without limitation, project updates and contact information if you have questions or concerns.  We hope you find this information useful.

(Disclaimer: The information posted is provided by the utility companies performing the relevant work and is their responsibility.  The County of Humboldt is not responsible for any inconveniences or damages that may occur as a result of any information provided as part of the “For Your Information” program.  Any such instances must be directed to the utility company performing the relevant work.)

  1. Fern Street Traffic Signals will be in Flash with stop signs out. 2/11/2023

    Fern Street Traffic Signals will be in Flash with Stop Signs out. 2/11/2023 from 9 AM to 4 PM. Read on...
  2. McCann Rd Bridge is Closed, Ferry is up and Running.

    McCann Bridge is Closed but the Ferry is up and running. Read on...
  3. Current Road Closures

    Current Road Closures Read on...
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