Assessor - Mari A. Wilson

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Current assessment information and Assessor Parcel Maps are available by following the Property Assessment Inquiry link to the left.
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Property Value Reviews
Property owners in Humboldt County may ask for a through the filing of an application with the Assessor's Office.

Contact the Assessor's Office or download the if you have evidence that your taxed value is higher than the current market value.

 You may sign the form and mail or fax the form back to the Assessor's Office.

Assessor's Responsibilities

  • Applies all legal exemptions
  • Appraises all new construction
  • Appraises all unsecured property annually
  • Appraises secured property at time of transfer
  • Establish a taxable value for all property subject to property taxation
  • Keeps records of taxable property
  • Locates all taxable property in the county and identifies ownership
  • Annually prepares tax roll and delivers it to the County Auditor