Sample Ballot & Voter Information Guide Options

 Accessible Voter Information Guide

What is the online accessible voter information guide? What are the benefits of the online accessible voter information guide?

Humboldt County's Live Ballot accessible voter information guide is an electronic voter information guide that gives voters interactive access to their sample ballot and voter guide information.

 Features of the Live Ballot voter information guide include:
live ballot4
  • Viewing your sample ballot for the upcoming election.
  • Selecting the star next to your choice(s) to mark your preferences for each contest for future reference.
  • Printing your marked ballot for future reference.
  • Viewing all available materials for each measure, such as proposed ordinance and measure language, impartial analysis, and arguments and rebuttals. 

Online Voter Information Guide

online sample ballot

​You have a choice in how you receive your voter information guide. Beginning January 1, 2011, state law (AB1717) allows voters to ‘go green' by choosing to opt out of receiving their voter information guide by mail, and accessing it online instead.

Opt-Out / Opt-In Form

Use the online Voter Information Guide - Opt-Out / Opt-In Form to request that mail delivery of your voter information guide (sometimes referred to as a sample ballot booklet) be stopped, or to restart mail delivery again if you previously had it stopped.

Please keep in mind that depending upon when you submit your form, your voter information guide mailing for the upcoming election may already be in process. The option you select may not take effect until the next scheduled election. New voter information guides are available online approximately 30 days before each election. You can find yours by using the "Accessible Sample Ballot" link above.

The law requires the county election official to confirm a voter's identity. The online form will require that you provide either your California driver's license or identification card number, or the last 4 digits of your social security number. This information is required on the online form to confirm your identity due to the absence of a signature. Any information provided by the voter will be kept confidential by the elections officials.

Receive Voter Information Guide via Mail

If you are currently receiving your voter information guide by mail and you want to continue, you don't need to do anything. There's nothing you need to fill out. Your voter information guide will continue to be sent to you by mail.