Children's Articles & Databases

Explora makes it easy to search for articles and news reports on your topic.  You can also find primary source documents, and sometimes short news videos.  The articles are sorted for different ages.  They come from magazines, newspapers, and reference books or were written and checked just for this database.  

Each article has a note about where it was originally published so you can see where the facts are from.  If you are writing a paper, this is the information you need for your list of sources.

Use the text-to-speech tool if you need to hear the words as you read them, or the translation tool to read in another language. These articles can also be searched by Lexile score for your reading level.

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Explora for Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 5
Search news stories and facts that are good reading for children 11 and younger.  Find the facts you need for homework.  If you are curious and like to learn, explore!

Explora for Middle School, grades 6 to 8
Follow your interests, and succeed in your assignments!  Find news articles, biographies, pictures, states and nations of the world, and primary sources - the words of people who were there when history happened.  Impress your teacher - show that you are using facts that come from sources he or she can trust.

Explora for High School, Grades 9 - 12

This database can be a key to high school success.  Find the wide-ranging information you need for term papers and reports.  Read articles by thinkers on both sides of an issue.  Get up to date news and facts that have been verified by a respected publisher or fact-checking source, and discover historical facts and images from primary sources. Explora has the search power to make your work stand out, when you use multiple reliable sources to make your point.  Plus, it has the details you need to make footnotes or an accurate bibliography of those sources.