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Hightop sneaker, polar bear, classic car, bulldozer or butterfly, find anything that interests you.

Databases are great for homework, home school, and curious kids

Find facts from magazines, encyclopedias, books and other reliable sources that have been checked by experts. Get information about your favorite author or find a new one to read. Find science experiments & learn research skills. Read a play together! It's all here for you.



ProQuest Databases


Learn about cultures and countries around the world. (Grades 3-12)

SIRS Discoverer

Articles and eBooks that are good for homework and when you want to explore ideas. Search them by keyword. (Grades 3-9)

SIRS Issues Researcher 

Explore the issues with facts, pro-and-con arguments, and sources from newspaper articles to scholarly journals. (Grades 6+)

ProQuest Research Companion 

Short video modules, with transcripts, teach research skills, fact-finding, critical thinking and how to cite your sources. Great for report writers. (Grades 8+)

ProQuest eLibrary

Search this library for information from reliable sources. You can use the advanced search to choose what kind of sources you want, such as primary sources or sources from scholarly journals. (Grades 6+)

School & Educators Complete

eBooks for homework and learning, that you can search by subject. These books help students in English Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Information Literacy and Technology. (Grades 9+, and educators.)

Accessibility for ProQuest Databases

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Britannica School & Escolar

Britannica School Edition, featuring the Britannica thistle 250 logo.

Britannica School Edition

For students in elementary, middle, or high school. Britannica School Edition helps students succeed in their schoolwork by providing encyclopedia articles and multimedia resources including images, videos, audio, and detailed maps.  

Students may read the articles or listen to an audio version by using a simple tool. For report-writers who must cite their sources, there is a tool as well.

And if Spanish is a language you use, or are learning, you may like the version available below.

Britannica Escolar

Un recurso digital en español que ayuda a enriquecer el aprendizaje de los estudiantes de primaria y secundaria, Britannica Escolar hace posible que los estudiantes completen sus trabajos escolares usando artículos de las enciclopedias y recursos multimedia que incluyen imágenes, videos, audio y mapas detallados.  

Los estudiantes pueden leer los artículos o escuchar una versión de audio usando una herramienta simple. Para aquellos que escriben informes que deben citar sus fuentes, también se proporciona una herramienta.

Tambien, Britannica tiene funciones de accesibilidad para personas con discapacidades.

Accessibility for Britannica

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Explora, an Ebsco Experience

Explora Databases

Explora for Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 5

Search news stories and facts that are good reading for children 11 and younger.  Find the facts you need for homework.  If you are curious and like to learn, explore!

Explora for Middle School, Grades 6 to 8
Follow your interests, and succeed in your assignments!  Find news articles, biographies, pictures, states and nations of the world, and primary sources - the words of people who were there when history happened.  Impress your teacher - show that you are using facts that come from sources he or she can trust.

Explora for High School, Grades 9 to 12
This database can be a key to high school success.  Find the wide-ranging information you need for term papers and reports.  Read articles by thinkers on both sides of an issue.  Get up to date news and facts that have been verified by a respected publisher or fact-checking source, and discover historical facts and images from primary sources. Explora has the search power to make your work stand out, when you use multiple reliable sources to make your point.  Plus, it has the details you need to make footnotes or an accurate bibliography of those sources. 

Accessibility for Explora (an Ebsco Database)

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The library logo - framed by a book, a mighty redwood stands by water and hills.

Book Connections

Book Connections logo of an open book.

Book Connections is an especially good tool for teachers, curious readers, and homeschooling families. 

It’s packed with interesting extras to go with books for all ages, from preschool to high school. Kids use it to find out about great reads, too.

Students, teachers, and families can learn more about the books they read. Find author and illustrator talks, interesting facts about books and their authors, read-alongs, reader’s theater scripts, lesson plans, and more.

Book Connections offers diverse points of view, subjects, and modes of access.

Please note, while Book Connections offers some complete books, in most cases you’ll need to find the actual book in the library catalog or as an eBook.

Meet-the-Author Interviews

Reader’s Theater Scripts


Discover Books & Authors You Might Like


Accessibility Note for Book Connections

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Data Access for People with Disabilities

The library strives to find the best and most accessible sources, but some functions of these databases may not work for every user.

If you can't get the information you need in a format that works for you, library staff stand ready to work with you get it in a format you can use.

Call 707-269-1915 to reach library staff.

The databases also offer help and how-to from their own support staff. Links to that help are on this page.

 California K-12 Project

California offers — at no cost to local schools, districts or students — access to online educational content from ProQuest and TeachingBooks for use by every public K-12 school and student in the state.

These content resources, sometimes referred to as 'library databases,' provide teachers, school librarians and students with a massive amount of digital information: magazines, books, scientific research, newspaper articles, photos, videos and more — all aligned with the standards that California has created for its schools.

California Fact Cards (great for school reports!)

Go to California Fact Cards Database

This database offers useful facts about California history, helpful for students of all ages. Topics include:

  • California History by Decades
  • California Indian Tribes
  • Counties
  • Explorers
  • Governors
  • Mission Life
  • Missions
  • Ranchos

Explora Tools

When you open an Explora document you will see speech and language tools at the top.


Use the text-to-speech tool if you like to hear the words as you read them.


Use the translation tool to read in another language. 

Reading Level

Explora can also be searched by Lexile score for your reading level. Look on the left menu after you search for a topic to narrow by lexile level.