Apply for a Planning Permit

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To apply for a planning permit please follow the below instructions. See the Planning Forms & Handouts for more information.

I. Create an Accela account

Click this Accela Homepage link and follow the instructions outlined in the Accela Support Resources to create an account.

II. Start Pre-Application

Once you have an account navigate to the "Pre-Application" tab (1), check the box certifying you have read and accept the terms (2), and click the "Continue Application" button (3).

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III. Provide Project Details & Contact Info

Fill out all the required information. When you get to Step 2 Project Details, ensure to select "Planning Entitlement" as your application type (4).

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IV. Upload Documents

Once you get to the Documents tab you will click the "Add" button (5). A pop-up box will open where you will select the add button again (6) and select your documents to upload. 

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You will need to complete and upload the following documents (7).

  1. Application
  2. Campaign Contribution Form
  3. Hazardous Waste Statement
  4. Current Grant Deed
  5. Site Plan

Once the documents are uploaded you will select "Continue" (8). The pop-up boxes will go away and you will select a "Type" for each document (9).

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Planning 6

V. Record Issuance

Congratulations! You started a planning record. Allow 3-5 days for planning staff to review your application. You will then receive an email advising you of permit status and next steps. If any additional information that is required will be sent to the applicant. If you have follow up questions please email or call 707-445-7541, press 3 then 1. Ensure to include your record number in the subject line of your email.

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