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Before you apply for a building permit we recommend reading the First Time Applying for a Building Permit page to familiarize yourself with our permit process. Additionally we recommend reading the Construction Documents page to get a sense of what construction documents will be required prior to permit issuance.

Projects such as new construction of a single family home, home remodels, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), re-roofs, tenant improvements, commercial, etc. require a Regular Building Permit. Some minor projects qualify for an Fast Track Permit. Simple solar projects can use the SolarAPP+ for same day permit issuance.

Special Structures. Structures such as Alternative-Owner Builder (AOB) residences, ag-exempt greenhouses, and manufactured homes should all be applied for via the Regular Building Permit process. See our First Time Applying for a Building Permit page for more information about special structures.

Please read all the instructions below before you submit for a regular building permit application.

I.  Review Your Project

Because regulations are always changing it is critical to review current building codes and understand how they address the hazards associated with your site. See the bottom of our Building Inspections page for recent regulatory changes. Use the Web GIS with the Important GIS Layers handout to determine hazards associated with your site.

II.  Register or Login to ACA

Register - Create an Account in our User Portal, Accela Citizen Access (ACA)

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Having Issues creating an account?

Visit our Accela Support Resources page for help with registering an account on the ACA portal.

For staff assistance you can email or call (707) 445-7245.

III.  Provide Project Details for a Pre-Application Record

To start the process you will need to provide basic contact information for the owner and contractor/agent (if used). Contractors may use the agent authorization form to act on the property owners behalf. To complete this step, do the following.

  1. Click on the Pre-Applications tab in the green banner.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions and click "Continue Application".

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3. Enter your parcel number into the parcel number box.

4. Select the search button (other information will automatically be entered).

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IV.  Provide Construction Documents for a Building Permit Record

Once you have provided your contact information you will be prompted to upload required forms and construction documents. You must provide all construction documents before we will move your project forward. To learn more about what construction documents might be required for your project see our construction documents page

V.  Completeness Review

Incomplete Applications: Staff will provide you a list of outstanding required items before the submittal is ready to be converted into an official building permit record. You should receive your first response within 2 to 3 business days. Communication regarding next steps with be through email.

Complete Applications: Staff will convert your submittal into an official building permit record and contact you to pay initial permit fees. Upon receipt of payment, a presite inspection may be scheduled (see Inspections) and your application will begin plan check. Your official building permit record ID will be in this format: BLD-2024-XXXXX.

VI.  Presite, Plan Check, and Referral Agencies

Presite: Preliminary site inspections are often required for new construction and additions. The purpose of this inspection is to get pictures of the site, assess site hazards, and do another completeness review. After this inspection your inspector may require additional documents to be included in your submittal. For more information about these inspections and directions on how to schedule them, see our Regular Building Permit Inspection Procedures.

Plan Check: Once your submittal is considered complete the plan check team will review those documents for accuracy and conformance with the current California Building Codes. Plan check may require changes to these documents by emailing you a list of corrections. It is then your responsibility to upload corrected documents to your Accela building permit record.

Referral Agencies: Other agencies like Environmental Health, Public Works, PG&E, your services district, etc. may be required to sign-off on your project before it begins. Consult with these agencies directly to determine requirements.

VII.  Your Permit is Issued!

Once plan check has approved your submittal and all referral agencies have signed off, your permit will be issued! The permit technicians will compile your documents and reach out to you to get payment and deliver you your building permit.

Please note that all payments shall be made through the ACA Portal. The County does not accept payments through 3rd party applications.

When you are ready to schedule an inspection, follow the steps outlined in our Regular Building Permit Inspection Procedures page. If you have a question regarding Building Permits, please email or call (707) 445-7245 and ask for a permit technician.

See the Inspections page for next steps.