Garberville Library

The new Garberville Library is open for Express Service on the schedule posted below.

Garberville Library on a sunny day in July.

The New Book Return

A free-standing book drop sits next to the library's front door.

Book Return

You can now visit the library to check out and return books. 

The book return is no longer found at Ray's market. Please thank Ray's for helping us out during construction.

Your New Library

The new building is energy-efficient and fully ADA accessible. The library features lots of new books (as well as old favorites), computer stations for public use, high-speed wireless internet both inside and out in the parking lot, a multimedia system for special events, a comfortable children’s section, and a reading and study area. 

The complex also includes a conference room that can host a variety of community programs, and public restrooms, as well as the Sheriff's substation.

Below, you can see a diagram of the floor plan, showing the entry ramps, and entry doors for the Library portion and Sheriff's portion of the building. If you enter the first door at the front of the building, you find yourself in the central hallway that leads to the Library. Off the hallway, the meeting room is the first door on your left, restrooms are the next two doors, and the books are straight ahead!

Floor Plan of the New Building

Garberville Library floor plan, approximate
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