Music Listening

Listen to music online for free.  Please use headphones if you are in the library.

Most of these sites offer free online listening with no registration necessary.  They may also offer memberships (some free, some paid) where you can use a wider range of services, download, avoid ads, and so on.

Accuradio hear your choice of many varieties of music free, but with ads.

Bandcamp  hear new indie music free, with opportunity to purchase from artist.

Classical Music Online  hear classical music. Search by genre, country, concert, or for orchestras, ensembles, quartets, etc.

ClassicalConnect  Search by instrument, performer, composer. Hear music, artist interviews, read liner notes, more.

Folk Alley  Hear traditional and contemporary folk, Americana and roots music from the Folk Alley radio show.

Jamendo hear, download and share many sorts of indie music for free, at this site, or get music for your movie project for a fee.  is a music discovery service that suggests new artists based on the music you listen to.  Assorted genres, but best for pop, rock, and related mainstream genres.

Live Music Archive
Concerts, festivals, bar songs, the occasional symphony, and more - from this year and the past, famous, infamous and unknown, all preserved at

Live 365  Listen free, but with ads. Online radio searchable by wide-ranging genres and sub-genres (example, within Folk, select from Contemporary Folk, New Acoustic, World Folk, Alternative Folk, Folk Rock, and Traditional Folk.)

Mixcloud  Hear online music radio shows, mixes, or talk radio, follow your favorite disc jockeys, search by a wide variety of music  from classical to deep house, dubstep, reggae, electronica, more..

Pandora music discovery with the Music Genome Project.  Find songs with interesting musical similarities to your current favorites. There are ads.

SoundCloud hear fresh music and spoken word podcasts. Science, storytelling, comedy, and more.  Scroll through your choices by using the "category" box in the top right corner of the page.  SoundCloud is a social  platform where anyone can post and share.

Spotify  sign up to hear music free, including many  of the biggest, most popular artists and genres.  Search by artist, album, genre, playlist, or label. Expect ads.

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Podcasts About Music, Songs, and Sounds

Celebration Rock
What's happening in rock music now.

Everything Sounds 
Explores sound in art, science, culture, and life.

Music that Matters
Music from the Pacific Northwest & farther afield.

Song Exploder 
Musicians discuss how a song was made.

Switched on Pop
What's happening in pop music now.