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Comments about the Library Website

  1. If you have a question....
    If you have a question that needs an answer, please call the Main Library Reference Desk at 707-269-1905. Librarians will answer questions about the website over the telephone.
  2. This form goes to the webmaster.
    Use it for specific comments and suggestions about the website or to report website problems you have spotted such as broken links, errors or pages that need more information. The library website is intended to serve you. The webmaster appreciates your comments and will read them with care in hopes of improving the site for everyone.
  3. No advertisements, promotions, or email for the library.
    Kindly do not send ads or any comments about topics other than the website. The webmaster will discard these.
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    Help the webmaster understand your comments by giving the exact page. Copy the web address from the address bar and paste it after your comments above.
  5. Your suggestion will be read and considered.*
    Our "Librarian's Choice" internet links are selected with great care. You are welcome to suggest a new link, but please be aware that we receive so many suggestions that we cannot reply to emails about them. You may check the website to see if your link was chosen for our list. And, if you are reporting a broken or corrupt link, we appreciate that very much. Thank you.
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