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Dedicated in 1992, the Kim Yerton Memorial Library is named for a tribal member who dedicated her career to the collection and preservation of records and artifacts central to Hupa culture. This library also houses the largest collection of Native American materials of any institution in the Humboldt County Library System, and takes its part in making sure traditions are kept alive, while a doorway to the wide world is kept open.

In 2007, Kim Yerton Memorial Library won a National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nation’s highest honor for libraries and museums that help make their communities better places to live.

Hoopa Library is in the California of the Past History Project.


California of the Past, Voices of the River People

Over 30 stories were recorded by your friends and neighbors. If you missed seeing and hearing the stories in person, you can check them out from the library as a DVD to take home and play for your family.

Friends of the Hoopa Library

P.O. Box 1407
Hoopa, CA 95546-1407

Through the work of the Friends, the library is able to add more books and materials to its collections and offer programs to enhance library services. 

You can participate in volunteer activities, or simply support the Library by joining. 

The Humboldt Library Foundation

The public library is the gateway to explore the world, spark the imagination, launch young minds or simply answer a question.

You can help ensure our library will continue to inspire and meet the needs of the future by supporting the Humboldt Library Foundation.