Large Format Maps

To access our web mapping applications, please visit our Web GIS.

Maps have been resized and converted to PDF format for web viewing in low resolution (Lo-Res). The original maps are usually 36 by 60 inches in size unless otherwise noted, which is high resolution (Hi-Res) if available.

How to Request Maps

To request a printed copy, please use our contact form. Please identify which specific maps are being requested. Printed map cost ranges from $35 to $50 depending on size.  Payment must be received before the order is processed. Additional fees will be charged for shipping and handling. 

For more information, please contact the GIS Program of the Planning and Building Department at 707-445-7245.

Countywide Maps

Large Format Maps of Humboldt County
Map Picture
Map Name
2000 Population Change Map
2000 Population Change
2010 Population Change Map
2010 Population Change
Agricultural Preserves Map
Agricultural Preserves
Assessor Book Boundaries with Fire Hazard Severity Zones Map
Assessor Book Boundaries With Fire Hazard Severity Zones
Base Map
Base Map (48-by-60-inch photo paper)
Building Permits 1972-2002 Map
Building Permits 1972-2002
Existing Land Use Map
Existing Land Use
Fire History Map
Fire History
Flood Zones Map
Flood Zones
Geology - Bedrock and Faults Map Geology - Bedrock and Faults
Humboldt County Cell Towers Map
Humboldt County Cell Towers
Natural Diversity Database - Threatened and Endangered Species Map
Natural Diversity Database - Threatened and Endangered Species
Percent Slope Map
Percent Slope
Private Lands Map
Private Lands
Public Lands Map
Public Lands
Vegetation Map
Williamson Act Contract Ranches Map
Williamson Act Contract Ranches

Planning Watershed Land Use Maps - 8.5 x 11 inches