Natural Resources Planning


Natural Resources Planning develops and administers programs for water resources, environmental restoration, habitat conservation, multi-hazard mitigation, and climate change adaptation projects to advance natural resource goals set by the Board of Supervisors.

Natural Resources Planning Staff are involved in the administration and oversight of the following programs:

North Coast Resource Partnership

Humboldt County participates in the North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP),formerly North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (NRWMP), which was initiated in 2004 in collaboration with the counties of Sonoma, Modoc, Mendocino, Trinity, Del Norte, and Siskiyou.

The NCRP coordinates the planning and implementation of projects throughout the 7-county region related to water supply and water quality, energy conservation and independence, and healthy watersheds and communities.

Humboldt County serves as the regional administrating agency and manages the grants issued to the NCRP by state agencies with funding from Proposition 50, Proposition 84, and other sources. Grant administration work for the NCRP is performed by Natural Resources Planning staff.

Humboldt County Fire Safe Council

Natural Resources Planning staff provide staff support to the Humboldt County Fire Safe Council (HFSC), a special committee appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Members of the staff administer and manage grant opportunities, lead the development of plans and plan updates, and support the activities of the HFSC. Funding for HFSC programs has come from Title III of the Secure Rural Schools and Self Determination Act of 2000 and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Local Hazard Mitigation

Coordination and administration of multi-hazard mitigation, multi-jurisdiction planning programs has been provided by Natural Resources Planning staff.  The Local Hazard Mitigation Program has supported the initial development and update of the Humboldt Operational Area Hazard Mitigation Plan.