Hydesville Firewise

Hydesville is a Firewise Community

As a result of its dedicated efforts to reduce the vulnerability of homes and landscapes to wildfire, the Hydesville neighborhood has been officially recognized as a Firewise® Community by the National Firewise® Communities Program. Hydesville has become one of the many other communities nationwide that have been recognized since the program’s inception in 2002. The National Firewise® Communities program provides free educational resources and direction for residents, communities, businesses, and fire and forestry organizations.

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Becoming Firewise

Hydesville residents worked with Hydesville Firewise Committee, CAL FIRE, and Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department to conduct a wildfire hazard assessment, identifying risks and hazards that generate fire danger, such as overgrown vegetation along roadsides or power lines. Based on this assessment, the group developed an action plan to address those safety concerns. Residents then worked together to implement that plan, taking specific actions to reduce their vulnerability and enhance fire safety. By preparing homes, structures, and landscapes before a wildfire happens, the Hydesville community has dramatically increased its chances that lives, homes, and properties will be protected when a wildfire does occur.

An initial action plan for the Firewise Communities/USA® Recognition Program was created and agreed to by the Hydesville Firewise Committee in April of 2015.

Roads assessed as part of the Hydesville Community Wildfire Assessment are pictured below. Dense vegetation encroaching on the road creates hazardous conditions—an issue that is addressed in the Hydesville Action Plan.

Vegetation creating a tunnel over roadway
Dense vegetation on either side of road
Tree limbs overhanging the road

Action Tools

The Hydesville Firewise Community Wildfire Assessment and are excellent tools for the community to learn about wildfire hazards in their area and collaboratively identify actions to reduce those hazards.

Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department proudly serves the Hydesville community.

Aerial photo of all Fortuna VFD personnel and apparatuses