Natural Resources


Natural Resources staff perform environmental review and permitting for Public Works projects and operations, to support Humboldt County’s commitment to environmental stewardship and appropriate resource management.

The office manages environmental regulatory compliance and coordinates with Public Works management and staff on environmental practices and resource management involving county roads, bridges, airports, buildings, parks, levees, gravel mining and quarry rock extraction, solid waste facilities, and county-managed natural areas and open space.

Natural Resources staff work with engineering and maintenance staff to incorporate environmental constraints and considerations into planning and design.  The office prepares environmental review documents required by federal and state funding agencies; directs and administers specialized technical studies to assess potential environmental impacts; identifies measures to avoid and minimize impacts; develops feasible mitigation measures; and supports the environmental permitting process.

The office manages the closed municipal landfill at Table Bluff, which is equipped with a leachate collection and treatment system.

Five Counties Salmonid Conservation Program

Humboldt County Public Works participates in the Five Counties Salmonid Conservation Program to protect water quality and stream habitat during maintenance of county roads and maintenance facilities.

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