McKay Community Forest


On August 21, 2014, Humboldt County purchased 1,000 acres of forestland southeast of Eureka to establish a community forest. The property was acquired from Green Diamond Resource Company in collaboration with The Trust for Public Land, with funding from the California Natural Resources Agency, State Coastal Conservancy, and California Wildlife Conservation Board. The community forest will be managed for multiple purposes including public access and recreation, timber harvest, and watershed and resource conservation.

The community forest will be managed by the Humboldt County Public Works Department with support from the City of Eureka and the Volunteer Trail Stewards program of the Humboldt Trails Council.

The community forest is not currently open to the public because appropriate access points and trails have not been developed. Planning for access points and trails is currently in progress. Key issues include compatibility with adjacent property and avoiding user conflicts. The target date for starting trail-building is late 2018.

Future Plans 

Humboldt County is working with The Trust for Public Land and Green Diamond to consider a potential Phase II acquisition of 197 acres that would expand the southern portion of the McKay Community Forest. Depending on available funding and appraisal results, this Phase II expansion could be completed in mid-2019.
McKay Community Forest Background Documents:

Project Overview

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Project Report

mckay project report

McKay Community Forest Maps

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Historic Profile of the McKay Tract

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