Klamath Settlement Agreements

Humboldt County is a signatory party to the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement and Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, a set of agreements signed in February 2010 with the intent of providing a framework for resolving the most contentious disputes involving dams and water diversions in the Klamath River basin. The Klamath River flows through Humboldt County for approximately 60 miles of its 263-mile-long course. The presence of dams on the upper Klamath River (three in Siskiyou County and one in Oregon) have cut off fish habitat and adversely affected water quality, which has contributed to declining fish runs and caused fishery closures. Humboldt County’s primary interests in the Klamath settlement process have been to improve Klamath River stream flow conditions, protect the county’s commercial and recreational fishery interests, and alleviate the hardships to fishing and tribal communities.

Resources for additional details:

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