Fire Protection Services

Humboldt County Fire Chiefs' Association Annual Report

This report documents the level of fire and emergency medical services (EMS/rescue services) available to the residents of Humboldt County in 2021. The results will support the Humboldt County Fire Chiefs’ Association (HCFCA) and its associated chapters as they work to enhance coordination, communication, and standardization among fire and emergency services providers throughout the county. The report begins with a summary of the role played by the fire chiefs’ associations in Humboldt County followed by a page dedicated to each local service provider, organized by Humboldt County Supervisorial District. Local, state, and federal fire service provider pages include department-level response statistics describing the 2021 calendar year. Information about emergency medical services, technical rescue, and disaster response groups are included as well. This report may also be used as a directory—contact details generally reflect current information as of this report’s publication in May 2023. There is also a comprehensive Humboldt County Fire Services Directory 

2021 HCFCA Annual Report Cover
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Fire Services Web Map

Local fire services are provided year-round in Humboldt County through a variety of different organizations including fire related districts, Tribes, cities, joint powers authorities, nonprofit organizations, contract agencies, and informal associations. Given the diverse range of community characteristics and emergency service needs throughout the county, each fire-service organization provides an emergency response and deployment system that reflects its constituents’ expectations, needs, and local risks, within its revenue and support constraints. 

View the interactive Fire Services Web Map to learn more.

Strategic Plan 2019-2024

The Strategic Plan is designed to guide continued improvement under a shared vision for the future state of the organization and articulates key initiatives based on two primary strategic goals: 1) “Collaborate with the County” and 2) “Clarify Communication”. These goals will be pursued over the five-year planning horizon through organization-wide implementation of associated key initiatives.

The Plan's development process engaged leadership and stakeholder groups to assess the Humboldt County Fire Chiefs' Association's strengths and weaknesses and identified ways to capitalize on the strengths and minimize weaknesses.

HCFSC Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Cover Page


  • The majority of fire departments in Humboldt County are associated with a special district (such as fire protection districts and community services districts), which were formed to provide services within a specific jurisdictional boundary. These districts are supported by revenue from a combination of taxes, fees, and fundraising. 
  • Areas outside the boundaries of a special district receive (but are not taxed for) fire protection services from either Volunteer Fire Companies, which do not receive tax revenue but rather support themselves through fundraising, community donations, and grants, or “goodwill service” provided by firefighter resources from a nearby district. Fire departments do not receive compensation for these services, other than donations, and this practice can put a strain on already limited resources. 
  • Almost ALL fire departments in Humboldt—even those associated with a special district—rely on volunteers. In fact, many of them have ONLY volunteers, without any paid staff members.
  • Volunteer firefighters are usually the first on the scene of medical emergencies and traffic accidents.
  • Volunteer firefighters spend huge amounts of time in training.  
  • Firefighter training is expensive.
  • Firefighting resources are NOT cheap, and most departments rely on grants and fundraisers to survive. Here are some reasons why…
    • Basic firefighting gear costs $1,200 per person 
    • A new fire engine costs $250,000 or more

There are many ways you can support your local fire department!

  • Make a monthly, yearly, or one-time donation.
  • Donate your time and abilities! Fire departments need volunteers for more than just firefighting. You can assist in fundraising efforts, administration tasks, and maintenance activities. 
  • Volunteer as a Firefighter! Fire departments are always seeking new recruits! 
  • Use the Annual Report as a directory to find a local fire department near you and find out how you can help. Annual Reports from past years can be found in the Archive Center.