Special Projects

Salt River

Humboldt County supports the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project, a collaborative effort between private landowners, non-profit organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies to restore fish habitat, improve water quality, and alleviate flooding impacts.  The Salt River project is distinctive for the scale of the restoration, the complexity of the issues, and its commitment to being community- and partnership-based.  The project encompasses the Salt River, Francis Creek, and Williams Creek which suffer from severe sedimentation and hydraulic dysfunction.  The project is coordinated by the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District.

Humboldt County Public Works provided technical assistance from 2007 through 2009 with funding from the State Coastal Conservancy.

Humboldt County Public Works operates a monitoring station on Francis Creek at Van Ness Avenue in Ferndale.  The station collects continues data for water stage and turbidity and has an auto-sampler to collect water samples for laboratory testing of suspended sediment - Data are available on-line.  The data are analyzed to develop annual loading estimates to support planning and design for the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project and county road maintenance activities.

Mad River Bluff Streambank Protection Project

Humboldt County Public Works completed a bioengineering streambank stabilization project in 2008 along the right bank of the lower Mad River, with funding from USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, and adjacent landowners.