Van Duzen Watershed Fire Safe Council



Lyn Javier

Bridgeville Community Center
38717 Kneeland Rd, Bridgeville, CA 95526

Ph: (707) 777-1775

The Van Duzen Watershed Fire Safe Council (VDWFSC) was founded in 2005 and is sponsored by the Bridgeville Community Center.

Mission Statement

The mission of the VDWFSC is to protect and preserve their homes, forests, and waterways from the dangers of wildfires by actively performing fuel reduction work, creating a working fire plan, educating and motivating residents to be fire safe, coordinating funding and action plans with government agencies, detailed mapping and risk assessment, and creating an emergency response system for their community. It is also their aim to provide employment for as many local people as they can.

Successful projects of the VDWFSC include the completion of 100ft. Defensible Space zones for over fifty homes, approximately forty miles of roadside clearance and over twenty acres of landscape clearance. The VDWFSC assisted the Forest Service with over 30 acres of fuel break pile burning and seven miles of roadside clearance on Forest Service land and was instrumental in the formation of the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Company. The VDWFSC has also sponsored numerous workshops and yearly informational booths at public events and participated in the FLASH program. In addition to fire prevention, the VDWFSC participates in services related to stream restoration, erosion control, trail building, tree planting, wildlife habitat enhancement, and has a crew that is certified in wildland firefighting.