Upper Jacoby Creek

Local Community

The Upper Jacoby Creek neighborhood is located in the forested, rural area southeast of the City of Arcata, in between Fickle Hill Road and the Freshwater community.

The Upper Jacoby Creek firewise community includes approximately 200 households situated along Jacoby Creek Road and an additional 33 households on Garden and Glory Lanes. This community is outside the boundaries of any fire protection district, so they rely on emergency response from CAL FIRE in Trinidad, or “goodwill response” from Arcata.

Due to the remoteness of the Upper Jacoby Creek neighborhood, response times from either of these agencies are somewhat lengthy.
Street Sign
Gaining Firewise Status
Although Upper Jacoby Creek became established as a firewise communities site in early 2013 (and has maintained their firewise status since then), the Firewise Committee was active in the community well before then.

Creating Awareness
In October 2011, the committee organized an event where an informational booth was set up on the side of the road. At this event firewise materials were distributed to neighbors who stopped by, CAL FIRE representatives were available to answer questions, and there were demonstrations on proper use of fire extinguishers.
The Upper Jacoby Creek Firewise Committee has also produced and circulated their own brochure, which emphasizes personal fire-safety responsibility and describes what it means to be a firewise community. The committee has also developed a road association that works to improve road quality and address signage, as well as labels for fire water sources, which can assist emergency response.

Action Tools

Firewise community wildfire assessments (PDF) and action plans (PDF) are excellent tools for communities to learn about wildfire hazards in their area and collaboratively identify actions to reduce those hazards.