Public Health Data

Humboldt County Public Health is committed to providing access to data that informs community health improvement efforts. Our staff gather, assess and analyze data on Humboldt County residents’ health status. Statistics on mortality and morbidity, as well as healthy behavior and outcomes, aid in the development of public health policies and programs and are used in grant writing, strategic planning, program evaluation, resource allocation and prioritization.

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a comprehensive report that explores data about the health of Humboldt County. It examines trends over time and differences in health outcomes for different groups of people - differences in Humboldt as a whole (for example, as compared to California) and differences among groups of people within our community. This report also provides information about the root causes of these differences. The purpose of the CHA is to guide strategies and planning, help prioritize efforts and inform policy decisions.

Community Health Assessment (CHA)

A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a community based blueprint for improving population health and public health system performance. It lays out a long-term, strategic effort to address health-related issues in the community. A CHIP looks beyond individual organizations’ priorities and actions and outlines ways multiple organizations will contribute to addressing the community’s priorities to improve the community’s overall health and well-being.

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

Additional reports are shared as they are available and updates will be made annually. Detailed data is compiled to further examine specific health issues and provide insights about disparities and data that describes social determinants of health.

Additional Reports