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People helping people live better lives.

To reduce poverty and connect people and communities to opportunities for health and wellness.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) employs approximately 1,070 people and provides direct services to more than 35,000 residents every year. Indirectly, everyone in the county benefits at one time or another from DHHS services, including restaurant inspections, water safety programs, immunizations, and employment training.

DHHS has received national recognition for its integrated services model. It is one of 11 counties in California authorized to operate in this manner.

Integrated Services
In 1999, after enabling legislation was passed by the state, Humboldt County began merging Mental Health, Public Health, and Social Services into one department. This allows us to operate efficiently and cost-effectively, and to provide a “no wrong door” approach to the people we serve.

Family & Community Partners
The department is working with community partners to further decentralize services. We currently contract with 15 Family and Community Resource centers throughout the county to provide necessary services to people within the context of their own communities. There are new efforts to strengthen families, improve children’s safety, support recovery, and help adults achieve self-sufficiency.