Healthy Communities

The Healthy Communities Division helps communities create social and physical environments that make the healthy choice the easy choice for everyone.

The Healthy Communities Division provides health education - a basic service of local health departments in California, mandated under Title 17 of the California Administrative Code.

The Healthy Communities Division uses all the strategies on the Spectrum of Prevention. Here are some examples of our work:

  • We provide individuals with information and tools to prevent HIV and hepatitis C
  • We offer nutrition education classes to families and teach health topics in schools
  • We offer trainings for service providers and leaders in our community so that they can be better equipped to support their clients and neighbors
  • We work with various community groups like the Safe Routes to Schools Task Force, Tobacco Education Network, Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention, the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council’s Prevention Committee and the Latino Community Providers’ Network—just to name a few
  • We work with decision makers and organizational leaders to help them develop and implement policies that promote health.