California Children's Services (CCS)

California's medical program for treating children diagnosed with certain physically disabling conditions was started by the California legislature in 1927. Many medical conditions that are physically disabling are eligible for benefits under the California Children's Services (CCS) Program. This tax-supported program provides specialized medical care and rehabilitation for children whose families cannot provide all or part of the care.

The program is available to anyone who:
  • Is under 21 years of age
  • Is a California resident
  • Has a medical condition that is eligible for care under CCS
  • Family income is less than $40,000 a year (state adjusted gross income)
    • An individual whose family has a higher income may receive services if the estimated out of pocket cost of medical care in 1 year is expected to exceed 20% of income. There is no financial eligibility required for diagnostic services, medical therapy program, and high-risk infant follow up
  • Diagnostic Evaluations - Children whose family doctor has documentation to support the suspicion of having 1 of the CCS eligible medical conditions are eligible for free diagnostic services.
  • Treatment Services - for a CCS-eligible medical condition, including medical, dental, surgical care, pharmaceuticals, physical and occupational therapy, laboratory tests, X-rays, appliances, equipment, and other needed services.
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy - Therapy is provided in medical therapy units located in public schools to children who have a medical need for these treatment services. These CCS services do not require financial eligibility.
  • Medical Case Coordination - CCS provides referrals to medical specialists and centers; follow up with others involved with the care of the child such as schools, public health / school nurses, social workers, and other agencies; transferring medical records; locating new facilities and services when families move; and assisting the family to cope with the child's condition.

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