Water Quality Test Results

Ocean Monitoring

Humboldt County is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Beach Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health Act (BEACH Act) to monitor for the presence of bacteria in ocean water areas. Water samples are taken near creek mouths that deliver stormwater into the ocean.

Current Results

No beaches are currently posted.

Water quality test results by location and date.
Locations Resample Sample  Date 
E.Coli Exceeds
Enterococcus Exceeds
Clam Beach County Park No 10/29/2018 145 No <10 No <10 No
Luffenholtz Creek No 10/29/2018 1,100 No 75 No 41 No
Moonstone Beach Yes 10/31/2018 1,607 No 10 No 63 No
North Mad River Mouth No 10/29/2018 41 No 10 No
10 No
Trinidad State Park / Mill Creek No 10/29/2018 933 No 96 No 63 No

Previous results are available for download (XLS).


All units are in are in MPN/100 ml. MPN = "most probable number".

State water quality standards for bacteria in recreational waters are not to exceed:

Total coliform = 10,000 MPN/100ml

E. coli (a fecal coliform) = 400 MPN/100 ml

Enterococcus (E. faecalis) = 104 MPN/100 ml

*Fecal coliform to total coliform ratio exceeds 0.1, and the total coliform count exceeds 1,000 MPN

NOWCAST Predictions

NOWCAST Predictive Modeling now includes Luffenholtz Beach. Click the website and enter "Luffenholtz" under the "search for your favorite beach" section.

For more information, go to: https://beachreportcard.org.