Land Use Program


The Land Use Program's charge is to ensure that existing and proposed land developments align with public health, safety and the environment and Humboldt County Code in our county. Every place of human occupancy must have an approved means of sewage disposal. If a community sewage collection and treatment system is not available, an approved on-site sewage disposal system permitted through this program is the alternative.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS)

Onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS), or septic systems, are permitted and regulated in accordance with the Humboldt County Local Agency Management Program (LAMP). The LAMP, approved by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, was implemented beginning in 2018. In addition to providing a framework for local ordinance and OWTS regulations, the LAMP includes special provisions for Humboldt County’s Advanced Protection Management Plan to minimize the impacts of OWTS to sensitive recreational beaches between Clam and Trinidad State Beaches. The LAMP, local ordinance and regulations are linked below. Follow the Documents and Forms link for permit applications and related documentation.

Humboldt County OWTS Regulations and Technical Manual

Humboldt County Code Title VI, Division 1 Sewage and Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Humboldt County Local Agency Management Program (LAMP)

Waterless Toilet Systems (WTS) and Graywater

Waterless toilet systems (composting toilets and incinerating toilets) and graywater systems are permitted in Humboldt County as an accessory to an approved OWTS or community sewer system. The Land Use program updated local code and regulations to accommodate these types of systems in 2018/2019. Waterless toilet and graywater systems can significantly decrease water use when properly designed and managed. Code and regulations for graywater and waterless toilet systems are available below. Permit applications are available under Documents and Forms.

HCC Title VI, Division 1, Chapter 5 Waterless Toilet Systems

HCC Title VI, Division 1, Chapter 7 Graywater Systems

Groundwater Wells

Construction, destruction and modification of groundwater wells are permitted through the Division of Environmental Health (DEH) Land Use Program. DEH requires that wells are properly sited and constructed to protect groundwater from potential contamination and that the work is performed by a qualified, licensed professional. Applications for water well permits can be found under Documents and Forms. Local ordinance governing well construction in Humboldt County is linked below:

HCC Title VI Division 3, Chapter 1 Wells