Land Use Program


The Land Use Program's charge is to ensure that existing and proposed land developments align with public health and safety and the environment in Humboldt County. Every place of human occupancy or dwelling must have an approved means of sewage disposal. If a community sewage collection and treatment system is not available, an approved on-site sewage disposal system permitted through this program is the typical alternative.

Local Agency Management Program (LAMP)

The final LAMP was presented to the Board of Supervisors at its Nov. 7, 2017 meeting. This document was developed with the input of local stakeholders in response to the State Water Resources Control Board’s Water Quality Control Policy for Siting, Design, Operation and Maintenance of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS Policy).

The LAMP must demonstrate that Humboldt County maintains an onsite wastewater treatment system program that protects public health and water quality.

It has been submitted to the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board's Executive Board and is awaiting approval.

The Humboldt County Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Regulation and Technical Manual (RTM) will replace the Humboldt County Sewage Disposal Regulations and appears as Appendix 1 of the LAMP.

Proposed changes to portions of the Humboldt County Code relating to sewage, onsite wastewater treatment systems and sewage cleaning appear as Appendix 2 of the LAMP.

The LAMP (49 MB PDF) is available for review at the Division of Environmental Health’s office in Eureka at 100 H St., Suite 100. It will also be available at the Eureka Main Library and will be delivered to the Willow Creek and Garberville libraries as well.