COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Humboldt County Public Health’s Data Dashboard has transitioned to the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) COVID-19 Dashboard for Tracking COVID-19. Click on the link to find weekly Humboldt County COVID data (scroll down to see Humboldt). 

Please note: the CDPH COVID-19 Dashboard for cases, hospitalizations, deaths and vaccinations does not have several measures that were present on the previous Humboldt County-produced dashboard:

  • New Humboldt County COVID-19 cases
  • Case doubling time
  • Average age of cases
  • Weekly percent change in cases
  • Weekly vaccination numbers
  • Zip code-level map of case rate per 100,000 persons. 

Additionally, the CDPH Dashboard provides statewide-level data for cases, hospitalizations and deaths by vaccination status and race/ethnicity. Reporting lags from CDPH can occur.