Substance Use Prevention

The Substance Use Prevention (SUP) Program works to prevent harm caused by alcohol and other drugs in Humboldt County. We work with the entire community to promote social norms and environments that support healthy choices. We also weave youth leadership development into our activities. We offer presentations to youth, adults, school and parent groups and have brochures and printed materials available upon request.

Community Partnerships

Substance Use Prevention staffers are involved in a variety of community work to help shift social norms regarding alcohol and drug use. 

Humboldt Allies for Substance Use Prevention (ASUP) Humboldt Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASUP)

ASUP is a partnership of local organizations and individuals dedicated to reducing and preventing substance use in Humboldt County. ASUP seeks to raise public awareness of the negative impacts of commercial tobacco, and harmful alcohol and other drug use. For more information about ASUP, call 707-268-2132.

Rx Safe Humboldt

Rx Safe Humboldt is a community coalition dedicated to developing community standards for chronic and acute pain diagnosis and treatment, and strategies for minimizing misuse and diversion of prescription pain medications. Visit Rx Safe Humboldt’s website for information on substance abuse treatment options and alternative pain management resources or call 707-443-4563. 

Prescription Drug Safety and Proper Disposal

An increasing avenue for abuse stems from kids accessing unlocked medicine cabinets in their own homes. Reducing adverse consequences from alcohol and other drug use involves separating those at risk from the means to harm themselves.Visit our Prescription Drug Safety web page for more information.