Land Use Projects

Types of Projects
Examples of land use projects that are reviewed for sewage disposal and drinking water compliance include those listed below. These projects come to us for review and input from Humboldt County Planning and Building Department:
  • Remodeling of existing structures
  • Individual on site sewage disposal for new construction
  • Individual on site sewage disposal for remodeling
  • Individual domestic water supply with new development
  • Subdivisions
  • Lot line adjustments
  • Conditional use permits
  • Coastal development permits

Accepted Projects
The following land use projects are accepted and processed at our office:
  • Application for onsite sewage disposal system repair
  • Application for permit to destroy a septic tank
  • Application for permit to construct, destroy, deepen, or modify a water well

Other Responsibilities
Business License applications submitted to the county Tax Collector’s Office are also reviewed by the Land Use Program.

In addition to review of projects and permit/license applications, the Land Use Program is involved in ongoing permit compliance, responds to complaints from the public, and investigates the causes of illness that may be due to environmental conditions.