Public Swimming & Spa Pool Program

Swimming pools and spa pools used by the public for swimming and recreation must comply with state requirements for safe design, operation, and maintenance. Environmental Health ensures the health and safety of users of these public facilities and assists owners with compliance with state standards through inspections, review of construction plans, and investigation of complaints, or reports of waterborne illnesses.

Construction or Remodels
Persons proposing to construct or remodel a public swimming pool or spa pool facility are required to provide plans and specifications to Environmental Health for review and approval before the local building official issues a permit for construction.

While pool operators and regulators may ensure that the facilities are operated and maintained to meet standards, there is increasing awareness that pool user behavior is a factor in the control of waterborne illnesses.

Actions to Promote Healthy Swimming
Actions you can take to promote healthy swimming include:
  • Do not swim when you have diarrhea
  • Do not swallow pool water or get pool water in your mouth
  • Shower before swimming (children too)
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet or changing diapers
  • Take children on bathroom breaks or change diapers often
  • Change children’s diapers in a bathroom, not at poolside