Humboldt County Perinatal Community Coalition

DHHS's Maternal Child & Adolescent Health (MCAH) program helps coordinate the Breastfeeding Task Force (BFTF) of Humboldt County. Members of the BFTF include lactation consultants, health care providers, nurses, doulas, peer counselors and mothers. For more information or to get involved with the BFTF, please contact 707-441-5573 or visit

BFTF Policy on Breastfeeding and Substance Use

The Breastfeeding Task Force of Humboldt County strongly encourages breastfeeding as the best possible nutrition for babies.

We advise all mothers to avoid the use of any substances during breastfeeding; this includes alcohol, cannabis, tobacco or street drugs, and to avoid over-the-counter or prescription medications unless prescribed by their physician. Breastfeeding mothers should discuss all prescribed medications with their physicians and their baby’s medical providers.

Evidence shows that substances ingested by the breastfeeding mother can be passed on to her child through breast milk.