Administrative Services

The Humboldt County Probation Department is administered by Chief Probation Officer Shaun Brenneman. Other members of the management team include three Probation Services Directors, a Legal Office Business Manager, six Supervising Probation Officers, two Facility Managers, a Legal Office Services Manager, and an Administrative Services Officer.

Goals & Philosophy of the Department

Section 1202.7 of the Penal Code states: (Legislative Finding and Declaration) "The legislature finds and declares that the provisions of probation services is an essential element in the administration of criminal justice. The safety of the public, the nature of the offense, the interests of justice, the loss to the victim, and the needs of the defendant shall be primary considerations in the granting of probation."

Therefore, the primary goal of the Department is to provide all lawfully mandated
services and to do so using proven effective corrections strategies and tools to promote the general safety of the community, restoration of victims, and rehabilitation of the individual client. These services are provided with a primary consideration of public safety as well as focused effort to reduce the likelihood of future criminal offending.

Juvenile Financial Information

Parents and guardians of a minor processed through the juvenile court system may be found financially responsible for Juvenile Hall costs, court-appointed counsel's fee, home electronic monitoring costs and medical or other expenses as determined by sections of the Welfare Institutions Codes.

The process requires a financial evaluation by a Probation Department revenue recovery officer. Parents may request a financial hearing if they disagree with recommendations submitted by the officer to the juvenile court judge.

Parents may also be found responsible for child support should their child be placed out of home by the juvenile court at Humboldt County expense. For information regarding child support interested parties should contact the District Attorney Family Support Unit, which determines child support obligations.