Juvenile Probation Services

Juvenile Diversion

Juvenile Diversion officers investigate 1st-time and less serious 601 and 602 Welfare and Institution Code referrals, providing short-term intervention, risk assessment, information, and referrals to community based organization. They also monitor informal cases pursuant to section 654 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. 

Juvenile Intake

Juvenile Intake officers investigate 601 and 602 Welfare and Institution Code referrals, and provide court services including preparation of dispositional reports regarding circumstances of an offense, a review of the offender's background and criminal history, and an assessment of their risk to re-offend. Officers make recommendations to the Juvenile Court regarding conditions of community supervision with the objective of reducing future likelihood to commit delinquent acts. 

Juvenile Field

Juvenile Field officers provide for community safety and offender rehabilitation by supervising youthful offenders, applying strategies and services to build pro-social skills and enforcing court orders. They strive to strengthen the family unit whenever possible to prevent removal from home and placement in more restrictive settings and stress accountability through community corrections partnerships with schools, mental health, law enforcement officials, and community agencies.

Juvenile Home Supervision

Juvenile Home Supervision officers provide court-ordered intensive supervision (with or without electronic monitoring) of juveniles pending court hearings or in lieu of detention in Juvenile Hall.

Juvenile Placement Services

The Juvenile Placement officer arranges placement of wards in relative and non-relative homes, foster care, and residential treatment programs, monitors their progress, and develops case plans for their return home. 

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