Detention Services

Key information for parents, guardians, and visitors.

Detention, Disposition & Court Dates
After a child is admitted to Juvenile Hall, a probation officer is assigned to their case. Questions regarding detention and disposition of your child's case should be directed to their probation officer. Questions about court dates should be directed to your attorney, the juvenile court clerk at the courthouse, or the probation officer assigned to your child's case.
  • Probation Department: 707-445-7401
  • Public Defender: 707-445-7634
Visiting hours are:
  • Wednesdays 5 - 6 p.m.
  • Saturdays 12:15 - 1:15 p.m.
Visits at other times or by other family members must be arranged through the assigned probation officer. All visitors may be subject to a pat-down and/or a metal detector search.

Persons entering Juvenile Hall are not allowed to bring in purses, hand bags, knives/weapons, alcohol/controlled substances, food/drink, cellular phones, cameras, pets, tobacco, matches/lighters, or other items staff deem a threat to safety or security. Failure to the comply with this policy may result in the restriction or loss of visiting privileges.

Medical Consents/Health Care
Parents or legal guardians are asked to sign an emergency medical consent form as soon as possible after a child's admission to Juvenile Hall. In the event medical treatment is needed or medication is prescribed for a child, the parent is notified by phone as soon as possible.

Juvenile Hall medical staff perform routine physical examinations on new admits as well as treat minor medical complaints. Parents should inform juvenile hall staff of any special medical or mental health problems or needs a child may have.

Prescribed medications in possession of a minor at the time of admittance or subsequently delivered by parents to juvenile hall staff are provided to medical and/or mental health personnel for review and verification. Medications must be in prescription bottles/packets. As authorized by medical personnel, the medication will be continued, pending a formal health care appraisal

Telephone Calls
Upon admittance to juvenile hall each minor is given the opportunity to make up to 3 phone calls. One to parents, legal guardians, a responsible relative, 1 call to an attorney, and 1 call to an employer. No telephone calls can be received by detainees except from an attorney.

Except for calls to an attorney, any additional calls a detainee wishes to make must be earned as a privilege and made using facility collect-call phones. If you have a block on your home phone, please contact the phone company and have it removed if you wish to receive calls from your child.

You may call 1-877-650-4249 to speak with a representative of the collect phone company if you have any questions/concerns regarding billing.

Mail Policy
Detainees are allowed to send 3 letters per week at no cost for postage. Additional letters will be at the cost of the detainee. Mail is opened in the presence of staff to ensure no contraband exists. No incoming or outgoing mail is read or denied unless it is a violation of a court order or there is reasonable cause to believe the mail contains information that threatens Juvenile Hall security or public safety.

Please do not bring gifts for detainees. Exceptions will be made for Christmas and birthdays. Every item brought into Juvenile Hall must be inspected and cleared by staff. Books and magazines may be brought in, however they will be screened by staff and must be donated to Juvenile Hall for everyone's use.

Religious Services
Each Sunday services are held by churches from the community of various denominations. Attendance is voluntary.

Smoking Policy
No smoking or use of tobacco products is allowed while detained at Juvenile Hall.

Mission Statement
The purpose of Juvenile Hall is to house juvenile offenders in a safe, humane environment while maintaining the level of security necessary to prevent escape and assault or intimidation by others.

Purpose of Detention Statement
The purpose of detention is to protect the public from those at high risk to re-offend and to ensure that the offender appears at future hearings. The Humboldt County Probation Department will use the most appropriate response to juvenile offenders consistent with community safety and offender needs.