Adult Drug Court

The Humboldt County Adult Drug Court program is a collaborative between Humboldt County Probation, the Superior Court, and various local treatment providers. The program is supported by monies from the County General Fund and State tax revenues. The program works in a coordinated team approach to provide judicial oversight, community supervision, case management and drug treatment to felony criminal offenders. Each offender undergoes an alcohol and drug assessment and is referred to an appropriate treatment program and support services.

Program Rehabilitation

Participants are provided community supervision, drug testing, substance abuse education and treatment, and other social service referrals to help them more fully integrate into the community and deal with substance use / abuse related issues. Initially participants appear in court weekly, are tested for drug use from 1 to 3 times a week, and attend treatment programs as directed. As participants progress through the program, weekly requirements diminish. The final phase of the program requires only monthly court appearances and random testing. Successful completion of the program is celebrated with a well-earned graduation ceremony, which also serves to inspire participants in earlier phases as well as anyone else in attendance.

Program Completion

Following completion of court ordered treatment and other probation requirements, participants may petition the Court to be terminated from probation early or will be transferred to a regular Adult Field Supervision caseload to complete their probation term.

The felony drug court calendar is called on Fridays at 2:30 p.m.