Probation Department

Mission statement

Justice, Rehabilitation and Community Safety

Core Organizational Values

  • Ethical Behavior - Following the spirit of the rules and standards for principled conduct or practice, especially regarding policy and procedures
  • Open Mindedness

    - Being receptive to contradictory or new ideas/concepts without bias.
  • Empathy

    - Understanding another person's situation, feelings and motives. Empathy does not always require sympathy or agreement; it requires understanding.
  • Industriousness​

    - Being committed to hard work, self reliance, and creativity to meet Department standards.
  • ​Optimism

    - Thinking about the good qualities of someone or something. Believing that a good result will happen. Being hopeful.
  • Effectiveness

    - Successfully producing the intended result. 

Operating Principles

  • Recognition

    - Acknowledging others respectfully
  • Helpfulness

    - Demonstrating a willingness to help
  • Order

    - Relying on standardized procedures
  • Involvement

    - Encouraging active participation
  • Loyalty

    - Committing to the organizational mission and values
  • Autonomy

    - Exercising professional and personal growth
  • Self Development

    - Encouraging professional and personal growth
  • Respect

    - Treating others fairly and ethically
  • Learning from Failure - Learning through experience
  • Professional Pride - Appreciating worth in providing service to the community