Juvenile Community Service Work

The Probation Department offers two juvenile community work service programs:

Juvenile Assigned Work Service
The Juvenile Assigned Work Service (JAWS) Program, administered by the Humboldt County Probation Department, is designed to provide a meaningful yet cost-effective dispositional alternative to incarceration as well as serve as a rehabilitative sanction to delinquent behavior. The program requires that a juvenile, in response to a specific court order, or at the direction of an assigned probation officer, participate in supervised community service work in-lieu of incarceration, imposed fines, or as a condition of probation. The target population includes 602 wards of the juvenile court as well as youth being monitored by the department on a diversion and/or informal probation status. Program participants, both male and female youthful offenders between 13 and 18 years of age, participate as part of 10-member work crews performing community service work on Saturdays and Sundays, or other days as directed by program staff.

Program participants are specifically instructed by program staff as to the proper use of tools, tasks to be accomplished, and expected behavior. Participants are required to meet each assigned workday at the Juvenile Hall, where they will be transported to/from designated worksites via a county vehicle. The work service program is successfully completed when the youth meets the standards of the program for the number of assigned days specified by the court and/or probation officer.

Juvenile Community Service Work Program
The Juvenile Community Work Service (JCSW) Program places juvenile offenders at non-profit and government agencies throughout Humboldt County in order that they may perform work under the supervision of the placement agency as an alternative to paying a fine, incarceration, or as a condition of probation. This strength-based program allows juvenile offenders an opportunity to gain valuable work experience while benefiting their community.