Employer Information

As an employer you play an integral role in the well being of children in your community.  Even though your cooperation with Child Support Services is a legally required part of doing business, we appreciate the work you do and want to thank you.  Below you will find descriptions of various documents you might receive and what you need to do with them.  If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or through the Chat feature on this site.

Wage and Insurance Verification

The Wage and Insurance Verification is a form that we send out when we need to verify someone is currently working at or has previously worked for your business.  Please fill out the form with as complete of information as possible and verify the address we have listed for the employee matches your records. The monthly income portion can be substituted for a print out of payroll records from your payroll system.  When the form is finished you can mail or email it back to us.  If your employee records are more than a year old, you may be able to verify with us by phone, email or chat that the person is no longer employed rather than filling out the form.

Income Withholding Order and National Medical Support Notice

These two document packages usually arrive together in the same envelope.  They can be pretty hefty, especially if there is more than one child support case for your employee.  Please make sure you have reviewed each separate cover letter so your information is correct.  Below are some tips when determining what to do with the paperwork you have received.

Income Withholding Order

You should provide a copy of the order to your employee and initiate payroll deductions the next payroll after the documents are received.

Some employers who pay on a bi-weekly pay period opt to withhold the semi-monthly amount rather than have three withholdings in the three paycheck months.  That is at the discretion of the employer and should be communicated by you to your employee.

All payments sent to the State Disbursement Unit need to note your employees Participant ID Number or Social Security Number.

National Medical Support Notice

If your business does not provide the ability to enroll employee dependents in Health Insurance coverage, simply complete the response and return to us by mail, email or verify with us by phone or through Chat on this site. 

The cost to add dependents matters.  Generally if the cost to add children to the employees Health Insurance Plan exceeds 5% of the employees gross monthly income, we will remove the National Medical Support Notice.  If you think this is the case with your employee and don't want to complete all of the paperwork, call, email or Chat and we may be able to end the National Medical Support Notice right away.
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