License Suspension

License Suspension, Release and Revocation are enforcement actions that happen whenever the current support and arrears due on a case are not being met each month.

Is This Legal?

The License Suspension and Revocation Process is regulated by California Family Code Section 17520.  The computer system we use interfaces with systems that affect a variety of licenses; Drivers' Licenses, Business Licenses, State-issued licenses like, Contractor, Fishing, Hunting, Physician, Teacher, Attorney, Cosmetology, Real Estate Agent, Broker, and Appraiser, and others...

I did not received anything from Child Support telling me my license would be suspended, why?

If your licenses is suspended for child support the license issuing agency will provide you with a 150-day Notice of Intent to Suspend with an effective date of the suspension. This notice may be provided in person when applying for the license or mailed to you if you are already licensed. If it is mailed, it will go to the address on file with the licensing agency. If you have moved and not updated your address with the agency, you may not receive the notice. The licensing agency is only required to send the notice one time; it is not required to ensure you receive the notice.. The 150 days allows you time to contact your child support case manager and attempt to comply with the necessary payments in order to secure a license release before the suspension goes into effect.  If you are unable to make payments, or decide to dispute the payment requirements, your request for a license release will be denied. The denial notice will contain information about how to contest the action with the court.  If your license is released and you again do not make sufficient monthly payments toward you account, the licensing agency will give you up to 30 days to obtain a release from the child support office and then revoke your license with no further notice to you.

Are there fees?

DMV charges a $15 release processing fee each time the drivers license or occupational license is released.  If the license is regulated by Department of Consumer Affairs or other state licensing board, contact the agency regarding applicable fees.

What Can I do to Stop This?

You must be making monthly payments. If you are not making monthly payments, then depending on how long it has been since regular payments were made, there will probably be an expectation that 3-4 months of the current support or court-ordered arrears installment will be met before the license is released. This amount is negotiable; it may be higher, it may be lower, and it can be paid either in a lump sum or over consecutive months.  If you cannot make payments, your caseworker may negotiate other terms for license release.  If you are unwilling to make payments, your request will be denied and you can file a court hearing regarding the denial.

  Drivers License Reinstated

The process to reinstate a license takes approximately 2 weeks, so don't put off calling us until the last minute.