Open a Child Support Case

Who Can Open a Child Support Case?

Any parent or caretaker of a child where one or both of the parents does not live in the home with the child can request child support services.  If the child lives in California the services are usually provided in the county where the child lives.  If the child is in the care of a non-relative caretaker, proof of legal guardianship may be required.

If you have questions regarding your situation, please contact us at 866-901-3212. 

How Do I Open a Child Support Case?

There are three ways to open a case.

  • If you are receiving CalWorks public assistance benefits, a case will automatically be opened for you.
  • If you are not receiving CalWorks you can:

Apply for Child Support Services


What Do I Need to Know to Open a Case?

At minimum you need to be able to provide your own information and information for the child(ren) on the case.  Any information you have on the other parent will be helpful.  We will use our resources to locate missing details; addresses, phone number, employers, etc.
If there is already a court order for child support, we need to know what court it is filed with so that we can obtain a copy of the order.